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Minimize potential relationship issues with an online profile that attracts the right life partner.

Online Dating Profile Review

When you're
dating online:

The right profile makes all the difference.

Get a relationship coach to review your online dating profile so that you attract the right person into your life.

Complete a questionnaire, then relationship coach, Amy Schoen will give her expert knowledge about dating online and give suggestions to improve your online dating profile, avoid damaging relationship issues and make yourself stand out.

Price: $497

Announcing The Complete
Get It Right This Time™
Dating Package


You will get all of this and more!

Get It Right This Time™- How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Romantic Partner the practical guidebook for dating and relationships.  You will learn how to gain more confidence and be more effective in the dating world.  Not only that, you’ll discover how to connect more successfully with people and develop the skills that you’ll need to move a relationship forward toward a long-term commitment.  My proven coaching methods are all included and make this the essential guide and resource for singles and those already in relationship

An 8 series audio mp3’s from Coach Amy’s tele-gatherings on dating and relationships.  Topics include: Dating Roadblocks, How to Attract the Right Person to You, Successful Online Dating, Best Places to Meet People to Date, Long Distance Dating, Dating with Children and tons of useful information..

My e-book, “30 (very good) Reasons Not to Marry Until You Are 30!”
A fun, yet serious look at why it is important to ask yourself these questions before getting married in your 20’s.  This is perfect for your college age children, too. You will wish you read this e-book back in your 20’s like I do!

A 7 week e-course based on the “Get It Right This Time™" Method of Dating and Relationships to help you put into practice these remarkable proven strategies for success.


Buy Audio MP3's and Get Your Relationship Questions Answered!

Recommended book to transform your life, one tip at a time

Buy these mp3 audio files Now!
Get answers to your relationship questions.

Listen to past tele-gatherings that give you helpful dating advice for women and men.   Here are the topics explored with Relationship Coach Amy:

- Dating Roadblocks
- Attract the Right Person to
- Successful Online Dating
- Best Places to Meet People
- Long Distance Relationships
- Survive the Holidays
- Should I Date that Person?
- Single Parent Dating

And, much, much more!

Buy The New E-Book
30 (very good) Reasons Not To Get Married Until You Are 30

30 Reasons Not To Get Married Until You Are 30

Every parent will want their young adult child to read this e-book and every 20-something adult should read this before getting engaged!

Dear Amy,
I have enjoyed your e-books very much and especially the “30 Reasons Not to Get Married Under 30!” My age is 28. After hearing your interview on the radio, since I liked your advice and approach and this led me to buy your e-book. As a graduate student your tools are helping me a lot and now I have a romantic opportunity with a nice guy. Thanks for everything,

Laoura, Washington, DC  

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Recommended book to transform your life, one tip at a time

Women: Really put your dating intentions out there!


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Avoid Relationship Issues & Get Motivated to MarryTM

Relationship Coach Gets You
Motivated to MarryTM

Relationship coach gives you the right relationship questions, and gets you Motivated to MarryTM

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Start asking yourself the right relationship questions to find the right life partner and minimize negative relationship issues.

Are You Motivated to MarryTM?
Take the Quiz

Improve Your Life, One Tip at a Time

Improve Your Life

Recommended book to transform your life, one tip at a time

It?s the #1 book that life relationship coach Amy Schoen recommends for transforming your life.

Get straight-forward tips and tactics for improving your life instantly.

Improve you life now, and you?ll be even more prepared to meet your life partner.

Read Coach Amy's dating chapter "Taking The Leap of Faith Into Marriage" that answers key relationship questions

Relationship Coach shows you how to eliminate relationship frustrations!

More Products Coming: We are currently selecting products to improve your life and relationship issues.

Relationship Coach shows you how to eliminate relationship frustrations!

Looking for specific relationship products?
Email us and relationship coach Amy Schoen will find the best product to address your life and/or relationship issues. We?re evaluating Books, CDs and Videos to answer relationship questions & address life?s challenges. You?ll also get relationship coach Amy?s, "5 Steps to Achieving Your Best Possible Life."

Get Answers to Your Life & Relationship Questions

Work with Coach Amy to address your relevant life and relationship issues, create the life you dream of and find the right relationship. Sign up for a consultation to answer your relationship questions and to learn how life coaching will transform your life.

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