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A. Critical Skills you need to Sustain Relationships!
Do you find yourself not getting past first or second dates? Do you find it difficult to connect with people? Or when you do connect, you find it hard to maintain that relationship? Learn some basic relationship skills that will help you stay connected with people whether itís for romance or for personal friendships.

B. How to Date with Children in the Picture
Are you a single parent? Are you dating single parents? What are the perspectives of each of these groups? What do you have to know to be successful at dating with kids in the equation? What are the important issues to keep in mind?

C. How to Avoid the Big Mistakes in Internet Dating
Have you joined millions of singles and ventured into the wild world of internet dating? Have you found it to be more challenging than you have expected? Learn some tips and how to tweak your internet profile to attract the right people to you.

D. How Do You Express Love?
Love comes in many ways of communicating. You may not even be aware of how you do express love to those you care about. What are the most common ways to express love? How do you like love to be communicated to you by your family, friends and love interest? How does this affect dating?

1. Dating Roadblocks: What’s Really Stopping You from Dating?
What is keeping you from dating and/or attracting the right people to date?   We will talk about internal and external roadblocks to dating.  Listen to this eye opening discussion about dating.  Find out what’s really stopping you from getting out there to date!

2. How to Attract the Right Person to You
Here we discuss what you should know about yourself before you go on a date and then how to use this knowledge about yourself to attract the right people to you.  Learn from others and gain some new insights!

3. Learn How to Successfully Date Online
This class focused on how to best use online dating websites to find your true love.  What are the dos and don’ts?  What are the online strategies that work?  After this tele-gathering, you will come away with a game plan to put into action right away!

4. Best Places to Meet People to Date
Where are the best places to meet people to date?  How do you choose where to go and how to spend your time and money?  Find out the many different places you can go to meet people to date. We discussed the pros and cons of each venue.   Listen and come away with some new ideas to try out to meet appropriate people to date.

5. The Long and Short of Long Distance Relationships
Learn what it takes to have a successful long distance relationship.  When you meet someone out of your area to date, what needs to happen for the relationship to move forward and how do you avoid the pitfalls of a long distance relationship?   Get answers to relevant long distance relationship questions! 

6. How to Make the Best Out of the Holiday Season
Another holiday season may be upon you and you may not looking forward to being alone again this year.  Learn some strategies to have fun, to meet new people and to make the most of a difficult time of the year for singles.  Lots of helpful tips for men and women here.

7. To Date That Person or Not to Date that Person: That is the Question!

Your time is precious.  When you go out with a person you have no idea where it may lead.  How do you decide to date further or move on?   Are you being too picky or not discerning enough?  And what does it take to decide to be exclusive?  We will discuss this and more!  Listen to this informative tele-gathering. 

8. How to Date with Children in the Picture
What does it take to date with children in the picture?  What considerations do you have to take?  What boundaries do you want to set?  Whether you are a single parent or considering dating a single parent, this is an important conversation to have.  Come listen to our lively and informative discussion about dating with kids!

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9. Internet Dating Like a Pro!

Whether you have put off internet dating until now or just want to learn how to improve your chances to meet quality people to date, this is the tele-gathering for you! Learn what it takes to have an internet profile that attracts the right people, the do’s and don’ts of the internet dating process and the internet dating sites to consider joining.  Come listen to what others have shared in their experiences and frustrations with the group – and put these new ideas into practice right away.

10. Necessary Relationship Skills for Relationship Bliss

Do you know what relationship skills are needed in the early stages of a new relationship and also those that will keep your relationship going in the right direction?  Come hear about the relationship tools that will help you be more successful in supporting your romantic relationships, as well as, all your other relationships in life.  Not to be missed!

11. Timing with dating-relationships: What to Expect? 

What’s the timeline from first meeting someone to becoming committed sweethearts?  How do your age and your life goals affect your dating to mating timeframe?  What do you have to be aware of when you are dating someone if you are Motivate to Marry™?   What’s the protocol for internet dating? Listen to this informative and lively discussion about timing in your dating relationships! 

heartThere is a better approach for dating and relationships!

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