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May 2006

This month's feature article:

Where to Find Your Significant Life Partner

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Quote of the month: Most of us are so busy doing what we think we have to do, that we do not think about what we really want to do. --Robert Percival     

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Amy’s Note:  The weather is getting warmer and we are all coming out to play!  There are so many opportunities to meet new people.  Take a chance and try something new.  Go to a group or activity you haven’t tried before.  You will surely make new friends even if you don’t happen to meet your one and only.  Friends can lead you to meeting more new people!  So get out there and do something!


Feature Article:

Where to Find Your Significant Life Partner

My philosophy from a very young age is to go where the guys are.  I was lucky to have an older brother and I used to play tennis, biked, ran track (the girls practiced with the guys) and skied.  I met a lot of guys during that time and always had a boyfriend since the 9th grade because I was active and liked doing what they did.  I met my college boyfriend on the tennis courts of Long Island the summer before I started my freshman year!

The following activities are where women, as a whole, would be in the minority and I recommend them to seek out to meet men: 

  1. Anything related to sports!
    1. As an participant:
      • Bicycling groups
      • Tennis ladders and clinics
      • Ski clubs
      • Running clubs
      • Rollerblading
      • Coed-softball teams or games
      • Coed-volleyball teams or games
      • Racquetball leagues and ladders
      • Golf clubs
      • Kickball teams
      • Ultimate Frisbee
      • Coed Soccer leagues
      • Bowling leagues
      • Working out with weights at the gym
    2. As a spectator:
      • Sports bars with viewing of basketball, football, baseball games. (Especially March madness!)
      • Going to college or professional sports games: baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey.
  2. Internet Dating Sites

Since guys see the internet as time and money efficient, this is a good way to connect with guys.  Also, going in chat rooms with any subject you are interested in may be a good way to connect.

  1. For the more intellectually oriented:
    • Bridge groups
    • Chess groups
    • Discussion groups on topic of male interest
  2. For those more politically oriented:
    • Fundraising activities
    • Local politics
    • Rallies and demonstrations
  3. Religious institutions 
    • Religious study classes
    • Weekly services
    • Social events or speakers at your religious institution

Article continued below:

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Here are some of my testimonials about my coaching:

“Thanks to working with Amy I feel not only supported but empowered to make changes that enhanced my life and those around me.  Amy impressed me with her extensive knowledge on personal and professional matters, as well as, her understanding of people and organizations.”
                        -- Kathleen, Rockville MD (Now in 2 yr LTR)

“Amy has been a live-saver!  She helped me clarify my values and to focus on living a more values honored life, especially with regard to my entrepreneurial endeavors and my personal relationships”
                        -- Paul, Alexandria VA (Married in 2005)

“Amy focused me on the areas of my life that needed improvement and gave me the tools to reinforce that focus.  Together we came up with creative solutions to problems and strategies to accomplish my goals.  I highly recommend Amy for anyone who feels frustrated with the dating world.”
                         -- Stewart, New York, NY  

“Amy has definitely helped me have more self confidence in myself to go out into the dating world and take more risks.”
                        -- Sue, Rockville, MD

Article continued from above:

For men, I recommend you go where the women are mostly likely to be.  Women partake in these various activities and where women usually outnumber men! 

  1. Arts and Crafts classes:
    • Knitting
    • Pottery
    • Fine arts: watercolors and oil painting
    • Jewelry making
  2. Cooking classes
    • Cooking schools
    • County classes
    • Gourmet food demonstrations (i.e. Whole Foods)
  3. Exercise classes
    • Tight and tone classes
    • Yoga
    • Step aerobics
    • Stretch class
    • Kickboxing
    • Pilates
  4. Theatre Groups
  5. Movie groups, ie. the Film Society
  6. The Arts
    • Outdoor concerts
    • Museum events in the evening and weekends
    • Gallery events
    • Craft fairs
  7. Easy hiking groups
  8. Book clubs and discussion groups
  9. Dance classes and dances
  10.  Wine tasting events
  11. College Alumni events
  12. Tour groups: cruises and bus tours, both domestic and international
  13.  Support groups
    • Widows
    • Divorce
    • Never married
  14.  Book signings and authors speaking at book stores
  15. Volunteer organizations

This is by no means a complete list.  I hope I may have given you some new ideas and strategies about how to meet the opposite sex.  Who knows, you may find a new passion in life and a life partner in the process!

Remember to check out my resource webpage at www.heartmindconnection.com/resources.html  for specific groups and more ideas about where to meet people to date.

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-- Tania, Silver Springs, MD


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Amy Schoen’s Story

“The coaching work I did was invaluable
in understanding myself, my key values, my life goals and the type of partner who would be my best possible fit...”

Read Amy’s Story

Amy Schoen’s Story

“The coaching work I did was invaluable
in understanding myself, my key values, my life goals and the type of partner who would be my best possible fit...”

Read Amy’s Story