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Seven Signs You Need Help Finding Love

  1. You go to lots of singles events and activities and you never get dates.
  2. You go on dates, but never get asked out again on a second date if you are a woman.  Or if you a guy, you constantly get rejected when you do ask a woman on a second date.
  3. You are online with many internet dating sites for hours a week and you have a hard time actually getting the chance to meet face to face.
  4. You ask your friends and family to set you up on blind dates and you never get set up for some reason!
  5. Your longest long-term relationship is one month!
  6. You get told constantly that you are a nice person, but….
  7. You are an attractive and successful person and you have difficulty meeting people you are interested in to date. 

If this is the case, then how can you improve your chances of finding love?

Answer: Hire a relationship life coach!  The reasons are:

  1. You may need to rebalance your life to make time for a relationship in your life.  With whole life coaching, you take a look at what’s getting in the way and find solutions to your roadblocks. Are you really making having a relationship in your life a priority? 
  2. You may need to look at shifting your perspectives on who would make a good mate for you.  Also, how are you currently viewing dating and marriage?
  3. A coach helps you focus on what you do have to offer a relationship instead of who you are not.  This builds confidence.
  4. As a coach, I review my client’s internet dating profile to make sure it reflects my clients accurately so they are attracting the right candidates to them. 
  5. I teach my clients the relationship skills and knowledge necessary to connect with the right people more successfully.
  6.  A coach pushes their clients to do more and try new things.  And left to their own devices, they wouldn’t do many of the things on their own.  Accountability is huge in the coaching relationship
  7. As a coach, I strategize with my clients about where the best places to go to meet the right people to date- where you will have the best chances of success of connecting.    

My clients feel more empowered and in control of the dating process.  They are making connections more easily and forming successful romantic relationships.

So before you spend any more money and time on going to more single events, internet dating and dating services, it is best to get some professional guidance and get your dating radar readjusted.  I’m like a chiropractor for your dating life! 


About the Author:

Amy Schoen, principal of Heartmind Connection ( ) has been transforming people to be their best for over 20 years. Amy has the gift of visualization and uses it to help her clients visualize the kind of life they truly desire. Contact Amy at or 240-498-7803 for a complimentary phone coaching session and learn how to make the best decisions for you using both the heart and your mind.

©2007, Amy Schoen, Heartmind Connection, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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